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choose plan while creating holes.

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09-19-2012 06:35 PM


Previously, I use to create sketch's on the face of the part and do holes and extrusion operations.

I use to face lot of issues as parent geomentry is visible while editing the sketch.  As per JDM advice,

started to use datum planes and avoid using the face of the part to create sketchs, 

This is method is much better as I dont have any issue with the parent geomentry.


But, I have new problem.  Please refer to the attached screen shot.  When I want to create the holes in nominated centres there is no option for me to select the face of the part..  The counter bore depth starts from the sketch plane.

It would be lot handy, if there is an option to select a plane or a face for these operations.  Then I can share the same sketch to create holes in different parts which are at different distances from sketch plane.


Any opinion or way around?



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Re: choose plan while creating holes.

09-19-2012 07:41 PM in reply to: rajeshindi

Attaching an image here I would paste into MS Paint rather than MS Word.


I think I would have zero Delete Face and Move Face features in a design like that (but maybe that is because I'm only seeing the picture rather than the file).  There is a place for those two commands - but nearly every file I have seen where they were used there was a better way.


Unless the part face coincides with the origin plane - I don't see an easy way around using that at the sketch plane for the counter bore or countersink holes.  An offset plane (from the origin plane) might be more robust than using the part face... 

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Re: choose plan while creating holes.

09-19-2012 08:32 PM in reply to: JDMather


Thanks JDM,I will try to paste from Pain next time.


May be this goes under INV2014 wish list.  (Like to here from Autodesk.......)


As I think more about it, having the option to choose a plane would eliminate creating multiple sketches.

For instance, where we need to create holes from other side doesnt require new sketch. 


Same thing applies to extrusion as well.  It would be lot easier, if we can choose a plane or face of the part and nominate the feature heights.  At present, I come around this issue by creating 2 new planes in required height and going for between option.


Once again, thanks for your input JDM.




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