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Changing names in parts list question

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11-04-2002 09:36 PM
i thought i had this problem before, but i can't remember how to solve it. i renamed "part a"'s ipt and idw a real part number thru windows explorer. so now it became 123.ipt & 123.idw. i made an assy that had this part reporting to it, but when i place a parts list on the drawing, it says "part a" instead of 123. what gives? -Joe
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Re: Changing names in parts list question

11-04-2002 10:42 PM in reply to: jmartzig
The part number in the parts list is gathered from iProperties / Project / Part Number which doesn't change when you change the file name in explorer, I think you'lle have to update the "properties" part number manually
Matt Hutchinson
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