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Cannot modify library file...

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11-03-2002 11:33 PM
In an assembly, I am trying to create a new part. After all of the information has been entered, I pick the face to work from, press ok. And then I get the error "Cannot modify library file..."
Any suggestions?
*Bilton, John
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Re: Cannot modify library file...

11-04-2002 12:01 AM in reply to: tdrawdy
Folders mapped as "Library Search Paths" are read-only in R6 so you cannot accidentally modify a
library part. If you need to modify a part, either move it tp a workgroup search path, or
temporarily change your Library paths to Workgroup paths.

John Bilton
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11-04-2002 01:36 AM in reply to: tdrawdy
Thanks. That did the trick.
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