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bend extents lines get turned on after changes in model

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11-20-2002 02:00 AM
Does anybody else see this happen? I made a
sheetmetal angle and created a flat. I then created an IDW and place a view
of the flat pattern. I dimension everything out, everything is ok (no bend
extent lines on the flat.) I close out the IDW. I desided to make the sheetmetal
angle longer, so I make the changes in the IPT and save the file. Now I open up
the IDW and the bend extent lines are now onin the flat. I turn the bend extents
off and everything is fine. If I leave the IDW open and make a change to the IPT
the bend extents stay off. However it seems that if I close the IDW and make a
change to the IPT then reopen the IDW the bend extent lines are on again for the
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