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Ballon welds/joints?

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08-16-2012 02:20 PM
I am preparing a weld map for our welding shop, and they would like me to balloon each joint and create a table with each joint's number, so that the welder/pressure tester can sign off. Is there a way to balloon joints and not parts, or make a custom ballooning scheme?
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Re: Ballon welds/joints?

03-19-2013 08:16 AM in reply to: ekaspar

I am currently working on trying to implement exactly what ekasapr was being requested to do for his shop floor.  Is there a way to create a BOM/weld matrix from a weldment assembly?  Is the list intelligent/importable/exportable to change multiple line items in excel and not have to manually change each line item?   Also, I would like to attach the governing specification for each weld, ie ASME, AWS, API.  Once this is attached, I would like to export to excel for the shop floor to be able to fill in for quality control


Does anyone have any suggestions?

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