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Automated generated drawings?

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10-01-2008 11:17 PM
I have an assembly that is a general model with different modules that all are iAssemblies.
With this model I can speed up the design process at the company I am working for.
In the model I only choose the correct member for the iAssemblies and the assembly updates correctly and just with a couple of clicks I have made a configuration of all the modules.
Now, I would like to take it a step further and have the drawing, for the specific configuration, generated automatically.
In the drawing I would like to have the master assembly presented in sheet 1 and the modules presented separately in different sheets, all sheets with BOM lists.
Is this possible to do?

(Next step is to export all the BOM lists to an excel document that can be sent to the product co-ordinator to build up the database system)

Best regards,

Emil Pettersson
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Re: Automated generated drawings?

10-02-2008 07:59 AM in reply to: emilpettersson
And then what would you do, rearrange your cubicle so no one can see your solitaire game?
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Re: Automated generated drawings?

01-09-2013 07:21 AM in reply to: emilpettersson

I actually have the same question. I'm in a similar situation, and I'm wonding if you can in fact create a triggerd rule to automatically generate a drawing with multiple sheets for the components.


Can anyone help us out??

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Re: Automated generated drawings?

01-09-2013 07:30 AM in reply to: daulj

Hi daulj,


You might have better luck searching and asking questions of this type on the Inventor Customization forum:


Here's a link to get you started:


I hope this helps.
Best of luck to you in all of your Inventor pursuits,



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Re: Automated generated drawings?

01-15-2013 06:07 PM in reply to: Curtis_Waguespack
Yes, that did help. Thank you!
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