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Re: Autodesk Products going totally to Online useage???

04-12-2012 11:10 AM in reply to: Cadmanto

Even under best described scenarios of possible use and no security or reliability concerns - I just don't see evidence of the technology up to the task out on the horizon for 10 years or so.  The 3-yrs is what I scoff at.  So even if it would be great for me but not so good an idea for others - I'm wagering the technology just won't be there any time soon.

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Re: Autodesk Products going totally to Online useage???

04-12-2012 07:27 PM in reply to: JDMather

With so many things operating on clouds or apps I could argue your point.  While I hope you are right, I see it happening in a lot less years.  I would not be surprised at three years or less at all.

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Re: Autodesk Products going totally to Online useage???

04-12-2012 11:46 PM in reply to: Cadmanto

I would love to see everything in the cloud eventually.

Just have a thin client and peripherals on my desk, the rest somewhere running in a server farm.

It reduces the cost of hardware ownership, should reduce the cost of license ownership (only pay for what I use, pay for each minute used).

Ofcourse that means the file management in the cloud as well, so I don't have to worry about buying and setting up complex replicating servers.


However, just a few moments ago, I was doing an Inventor 2012 tutorial, which is now web based through the wikihelp page. Each time I clicked 'next', I had to wait up to 5 seconds for the next page to load. That is, until the next page failed to load completely, and the entire wikihelp seemed down for some time.

If navigating a simple wikihelp website is giving me such a slow user experience, then things have some way to go before I can imagine something as complex as Inventor running in the cloud.

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Re: Autodesk Products going totally to Online useage???

04-13-2012 12:50 PM in reply to: DVDM

I'd demand a SLA (service level agreement) to ensure 0 downtime,etc.. and then of course Autodesk would have to charge more for that level of service and no one would pay because online software is really only benefitting Autodesk and then back to 87 DVD's in the mail we go.



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Re: Autodesk Products going totally to Online useage???

04-13-2012 06:43 PM in reply to: DVDM

Please help me with this concept.  Arguably the most advanced project of humanity, SETI, attempting to find life elsewhere in the universe, invites us to collectively apply the computing power of the machines on our desks for that incredible goal whereas some dude at AutoDesk is telling us that we should configure our machines into dumb terminals because he has an issue delivering reliable software.  One concept empowers us to achieve a higher goal, the other has us covering for the inadequacies of someone out of touch with reality.


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Re: Autodesk Products going totally to Online useage???

04-14-2012 07:48 PM in reply to: Doug_DuPont

Doug_DuPont wrote:

It's a good thing, Then their cloud goes down we can charge Autodesk back for the time it's down and they will pay us.:smileylol:

AWESOME!!! Hopefully there will be some input fields where we can put in our standard rates for the different services at our offices.


The last two times I tried to upload a file to the cloud so I could use my iPad in a presentation it failed and I gave up. The first time I couldn't log in and the second time the file wouldn't upload properly. I ended up taking my laptop and I haven't used the service since.


Nothing scares me more than this cloud crap and I will fight it to the very end, or change software if I have to. Unless they actually will send me a check when it doesn't work at which point I am likely to be very rich.:smileyhappy:

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Re: Autodesk Products going totally to Online useage???

04-15-2012 10:44 AM in reply to: Cadmanto

When it goes wrong it goes wrong big time


Today I've uploaded several file to third party site that uses iCloud the upload went Ok, however when I came to do a test down load I got a message box saying they've been converted to MS Office 97 Doc format, not much use when you want them to remain in IAM, IDW etc. format so others IV can user can have free use them.


Now it a question of how long befor the problem is fixed and it been a waste of two hours thinking it was somthing that I was doing wrong.

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Re: Autodesk Products going totally to Online useage???

04-17-2012 05:10 AM in reply to: Cadmanto

Yeah sounds like a capitol idea. After all what could go wrong.


Autodesk is experiencing issues with 2013 download availability. This is due to high volumes of fulfillment activity. We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


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