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11-22-2012 08:08 PM

I am currently working on a school group project that requires me to submit all inventor files as "LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_PART,ASSY,DRAWING,etc..NAME". My original parts were all done in mm instead of cm, so for our project, I opened all new files and derived the same parts at a different scale to fix this scale issue between the members. For the new derived parts I temporarily allowed the file name to remain as part1, part2, part3.... and continued with the assembly. Now that my assembly is complete and I would like to change my part file names to the required format, my assembly will not show the parts and (?) symbol is shown by all parts with updated file names. I also changed the original file names and now the new derived parts, when opened, have the same (?) which I assume is related to the fact that the derived parts are dependent on the original file. Is there a way to update this information? We are using INVENTOR 2013.







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11-23-2012 02:30 AM in reply to: jrutledge9



dont worry about deriving all your parts... Just go to the original file, tools, doc settings and change the units. Then for your dimensions just edit the dims & enter your size then cm after the numerical value. It will then take on the size you require.



if you wish to rename your files then either;

- for manual renaming just keep track of old vs new file name, so you can tell inventor which file to use when you open the file next time.

- from within the assembly, use " save & replace " on each part. The function is available from your assembly / productivity tab. You need to have your SDK bonus tools installed.

- use design assistant on your assembly. Wth the assembly closed, use inventor or windows explorer then browse, Rmb on the assembly, choose design assistant, you can then rename (action field) each part. Your assembly will know the new names next time you open it.


if you rename files and the name of the file in the assembly browser does not reflect the real file name, just refresh the display name. Lmb on file in browser, lbm again, delete existing display name, enter... Then you will see the correct display name in your assembly browser pane.




if your part no. Is not displaying correct, edit iProperty in new part, edit appropriate field to display required part no.



hope this helps.


best regards,
- Mark

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11-24-2012 06:27 PM in reply to: jrutledge9

Assemblies and derived parts depend on the file names, so naturally, it's kind of a mess.  I agree with Mark that it's better to get the parts modeled correctly rather than using a whole assembly full of derived parts.  So, rather than keep the derived parts, why not just edit the parts and change them all to centimeters?  Then if your instructor wants to see your models you have them ready for inspection


Then you still have the assembly to deal with.  Open the assembly, and when it asks you where Part1 is, you point it the properly named part.  Same for Part2, etc.  Now save your assembly.  That's all there is to it.  In the future you might want to investigate Design Assistant, which will allow you to rename files and at the same time update all the assembly and derived links.

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