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Anyone ever used UG NX7.5?

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03-19-2012 09:34 AM

Sadly, I no longer use Inventor as I have now switched jobs & I'm currently using Unigraphics NX7.5


However, you would have thought that a high end CAD package like NX could do simple things - but you would be wrong!


I've been using Autodesk Inventor since release 4. Even that release had more features than NX.

My major issue with it is the drafting side- its feels so outdated & its extremely unintuitive.



NX cannot change a part units from mm to inch & visaversa

NX cannot (easily) auto-dimension (actually show a thread size) a threaded hole on the drawing even though it generates it on the model.

Show a centre of gravity.

Dispay section/cut view (in the 3D model) across more than one plane.

Cannot display different text heights or fonts in a single line of text.

Doesnt show what constraints are applied to a certain part, only lists all of them at the top of the model tree


Of course there are quite a few things that it does very well.


I miss Inventor!  :smileysad:

I hope that one day I will use it again. Even Solidworks is better!


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