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3D-Polylines in Inventor Professional 2010

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03-21-2012 07:01 AM



following situation: 3D drawing in Inventor Professional 2010, consisting of lines and arches. How can I group respectively connect certain lines and arches so that these elements form one (3D-)polyline? Is that possible in general?

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Re: 3D-Polylines in Inventor Professional 2010

03-22-2012 03:57 AM in reply to: HagenMueller

Language and terminology make it difficult to understand what you're asking.  Are the lines and arcs in a part file (.ipt)?  In more than one sketch?  It sounds as if you want to create a 3D sketch from existing 2D sketches-- if so, then create a new 3D sketch and Project Geometry.


If I have misunderstood your question, please try again, perhaps with screen shots and the file(s) that you are working on.

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Re: 3D-Polylines in Inventor Professional 2010

03-22-2012 04:07 AM in reply to: HagenMueller

If you are coming from an AutoCAD background - you don't use/need polylines like in AutoCAD.

Simply create 3D sketch using your 2D sketch as control with Bends.
Attach your ipt  file here if you can't figure it out.

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