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2013- Inventor Mold Design analysis server terminated 2013

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12-03-2012 09:10 AM


Hi All,


Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.


I have installed Autodesk Factory Design Suite 2013 Ultimate, which has all been working fine up until now.

I tried to use Inventor Model Design tool yesterday and was greeted with the following message:


“The Moldflow analysis server is terminated. You can save the current document and reopen it in order to restart the Moldflow analysis server” essentially meaning that I cannot select a material meaning that Mold design tool does not work.


So I have researched the problem and it has brought up the following which I have tried with not luck....


  •  Tried using the Right-Click> Run As Administrator on the desktop shortcut as it may have been possible users permissions are blocking the ability. Along with turning off the anti-virus & Anti-malware. Disabling them and then Running as Admin
  • Clean install, completely removing all traces of Autodesk as per the recommendations.

Other than a complete rebuild (which I don’t have time to do) I’m running out of options.


What has puzzled me though is that I installed this on a colleagues machine and it works correctly....


Any help /advice would be much appreciated.



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Re: 2013- Inventor Mold Design analysis server terminated 2013

03-29-2013 02:53 AM in reply to: james.smith

I meet a similar, though not identical issue in Simulation Mechanical 2013 installes on a stadard PC with Windows 7 64bits.


When verifying the model, the software no longer answers, i.e. the model verification routine seems to run endless, and the only solution is to use the Windows task manager to terminate not only the main frame, but also AnalysisServer;exe

However in a few cases, i.e. about 5% of attempts, the process runs through til the analysis is completed and resultas are displayed.


As in your case, the models built on my computer however run through perfectly on other computers, i.e. the models built on my PC are actually consistent. I've thus sent a bug report to Autodesk. I'd be interested on knowing on which type of computer you meet this issue.

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