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15 days left - Inventor NG World Cup - December02

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12-04-2002 11:50 PM
Test your Inventor skills and join the 'contest'.

# of participants so far: 1

Feel free to participate - it's just for the fun of it.
You will get points on the scoreboard just for trying.

The deadline for this month's challenge is December 20th 2002.

The December contest drawing is in Customer Files (CF), Subject:
"Inventor_NG_World Cup_ December02" dated December 3. 2002.
WEBBASED CF:^1@.ee940b5




Setup note: The drawings are metric and in first angle projection.

Follow these simple rules:
1 - Print the 5 drawings and don't look at them.
2 - Setup your environment (metric/first angle projection) and start a new
3 - Place the drawings face down, start the clock, flip the drawings over
and model them as fast as possible ending up with an Assembly with the
correct weight as indicated on the Assembly drawing sheet.
4 - Check the weights with the Accuracy setting 'Very High' of the different
models as indicated on the corresponding drawing sheet before making the
final Assembly.

#1 priority: Correct weight of the Assembly with the Physical Properties
Accuracy setting 'Very High'.
#2 priority: Fastest time.

Let me know how fast you can model and assemble it (don't cheat - it's no
satisfaction to
be the fastest when you know you've cheated).

Email your resulting time directly to me (to keep it a secret) along with
your comments (

If you are dead sure you've made it right and you don't get the correct
weight(s) using the Physical properties 'Very High' Accuracy, I would be
very interested in checking your model(s).

NOTE: Please follow these guidelines before posting files to me directly:
1 - Pull the End of Part marker up below the Origin folder in the Browser
tree on all the models.
2 - Pack and Go the Assembly file and related models.
3 - Use Winzip ( to compact the files.

The winner will be contacted directly for uploading the model and additional

I'll report back to the Inventor 6 NG with the results and an updated
scoreboard when the 'contest' is over.

See the recent scoreboard for this contest in CF, subject:
"INVENTOR NG WORLD CUP - NOVEMBER 2002 - MODELS" dated November 21. 2002.

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