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View Cube & Ribbon

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07-01-2009 08:43 AM

Just a few things I have noticed when using the program. It seems to me that the program is very labor intensive to my video card where Inventor Professional 2010 is not (Dell Precision M4300 Laptop / NVIDIA Quadro FX 360M / Driver version:

When I click and drag using the View Cube for the first time in a model file, the model view jumps to an unexpected rotation; which can create confusion in where I am at in the model. But if I hit the home button near the view cube then drag again it will not do the unexpected jump.

Sometimes when I click and drag the view cube, my cursor seems to get trapped. When I release my left mouse button and try to execute a new command the mouse acts as if I am still on the view cube. It seems the only way to release the mouse is to close the program.

I have also noticed that the ribbon bar will occasionally disappear when opening and closing files. The work around is to toggle through ribbon bar size button.

Do you guy have any ideas to help in resolving these small issues?

Craig Bashor
Application Engineer - MSD
Advanced Solutions, Inc.-
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Re: View Cube & Ribbon

07-02-2009 07:10 AM in reply to: cbashor
Hello Craig,

Thank you for the detailed explanation. This will help us further track down this issue. It seems to be graphics-card related, as not all users experience this.


Jeff Strater (Fusion development)
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