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Use Fusion to create flat patterns from formed sheet metal parts

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10-06-2011 05:39 AM

I am curious about the differences between Inventor Fusion and the full verison.  I know that the full version of Inventor allows you to create a formed sheet metal part than create a calculated flat pattern.  Are you able to use Fusion in the same way?  If so, where can I find help walking me through that process?

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Re: Use Fusion to create flat patterns from formed sheet metal parts

10-17-2011 10:05 AM in reply to: dnickens

Fusion does not have sheet metal functionality. It is a direct modeler, so it does not have a history, parameters or relations between features.


The decision to use Inventor or Fusion depends on your objectives. I prefer Fusion during the initial design phase because the lack of a history gives me a lot of flexibility. If I need a parametric part, I can use the Fusion model as a basis for creating the model in Inventor, otherwise I can use the Fusion model as is.


It is also great for making changes to existing parts. If I have to make a change to a released part, such as changing a hole pattern because a purchased component has changed, I can edit the model in Fusion and simply move the holes. I have had to repair a lot of models that blew up when making a simple change, so I really appreciate the ability to make a simple change.


It is also handy for making changes to imported models. It has a lot of tools for making complex changes, such as moving faces and edges, changing the angle of a face, and changing surface contours. You can also use it to simplify models for analysis. Again, you can blow away feaures and make other changes without causing downstream failures.


Direct modeling is a different paradigm. Depending on your parametric modeling experience, there is a learning curve and an adjustment period. I have used parametric modelers almost exclusively since the 90's, so it was disconcerting the first few times I changed a sketch and the feature didn't update.


Hope this helps,


Loren Jahraus
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Re: Use Fusion to create flat patterns from formed sheet metal parts

06-09-2012 12:40 PM in reply to: adsk_loren

Hello, I see your talking about inventor fusion, I am still very new with the software, so can you please explain the differences between inventor professional and inventor fusion when aiming to start from scratch on a new 3D model?

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