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Struggling with Inventor Fusion

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07-16-2013 01:02 PM

Have spent several days trying to figure this tool out.  Can someone explain to me what exactly is the point of a "Sketch"?  Is it just a vehicle to a solid?  Are Sketches just meant to be temporary?


The extremely limited documentation seems to presume I am already a CAD expert, and have just transitioned from a similar tool to this one.  Where can I find some sort of tutorials?


What is the point of contraints?  For example, I have two cylinders with parallel centerlines.  I want to create a plane that is tangent to both cylinders.  I can get as far as a line that is tangent to the circular face of one of the cylinders, but am now stuck.  Is this even the right approach?


Another easy one.  How would I draw a sheave (like for a pulley block)?  I have a flat cylinder.  How can I make the groove in the curved face of the cylinder?  Fillet appear to require an edge, and I have not been able to make a Sketch circle around the center of the curved face of the cylinder.  Is this even the right approach?


- Jeff

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Re: Struggling with Inventor Fusion

07-18-2013 02:53 PM in reply to: jeffcarson



Thanks for trying Inventor Fusion. I can answer most of your questions. For the rest, we can continue the conversation as needed.



You are correct. A sketch is a 2D shape created (usually) for the purpose of making 3D shapes. A sketch defines the profile that is used in Extrude, Revolve, and other 3D commands. Sketches are stored in a folder in the browser.



Tutorials are accessed through the Help site. Help is accessed via the question mark button in the upper right hand corner.

Here is the link for tutorials.



  • Constraints in sketches provide geometric conditions for sketch elements. Lines can be perpendicular, parallel, etc.
  • Constraints in 3D are used to assemble solid bodies
  • A line can be made tangent by a "press-drag" motion starting on the first circle, and ending where the tangency is detected on the second circle.
  • Start line, press and drag from circle 1 edge, drag other end to tangency point on circle 2. A small icon will appear showing the tangency is available. Let up the mouse button when you see it.

Pulley Block

This is a good shape for the revolve command. You can revolve a sketch profile that includes your groove, or you can use a sketched profile and revolve-cut to make the groove.


I hope this helps. While you are in the Help site look around. There are videos and documentation for commands.



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