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Reinstall Inventor

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10-19-2011 12:35 PM

Hey everyone,


I have Inventor 2012 and I need to reinstall it. I cannot create new drawings because Inventor cannot open the default Template file. I'm guessing that reinstalling would be the easiest instead of trying to find where that file was moved to. How do I reinstall Inventor without uninstalling it?





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Re: Reinstall Inventor

10-20-2011 03:18 PM in reply to: nelsomae

Inventor includes templates that are specific to units of measurement and national standards. When you install Inventor, the Templates folder contains subfolders for the English and Metric templates. The default templates are copies of the units and standard you specified during install, and they are located in the Templates folder.


There are a couple of reasons why inventor might not find the drawing template.


The New File dropdown menus looks in the Templates folder for templates with the Standard name (Standard.ipt, etc.). If you customized the drawing template and changed the name, then the dropdown menu doesn't work. The drawing template is usually customized, and people like to give it a descriptive name.


If Inventor cannot find any of the templates from the New dialog, then the Application Options or Project file is probably pointing to the wrong location. 


If Inventor is looking in the right place and the standard template files are missing, then hopefully you still have the original English and Metric template folders. You can just copy the appropriate template file to the Templates folder and rename it Standard.  


Also, this forum is for Inventor Fusion. You are more likely to get a response if you post to the Inventor forum ( It is helpful if you have a descriptive subject line, such as "Missing drawing template." There are a lot of posts on that forum, and people usually don't view posts with a generic description.



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Re: Reinstall Inventor

10-21-2011 01:02 PM in reply to: adsk_loren

Sorry about that


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