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middle click emulation for trackpads ?

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06-24-2012 07:45 AM

Hi there,


As a future owner of a 3D printer I've started experimenting different CAD 3D software and so far Inventor Fusion is getting the most of my attention thanks to it's ease of use and its osx version of course.


Appart from some of the great missing features from the windows version (anchor and measure for press pull and measure tool for solids) I really wish there were a middle click emulation for trackpads which would make 3D manipulation a lot easier on trackpads.


For example, I have some good experience with Blender which has a middle click emulation option (Alt + drag to orbit & Atl + shift + drag to pan) and it makes 3D manipulation of the scene an absolute joy. I can imagine some engineers out there thinking it's impossible to be any serious with a trackpad when it comes to 3D modeling, but I know many top level 3D modelers who love it as well. I even think that because of its topology and its proximity to the keyboard, it makes switching from typing values / hotkeys and interacting with the scene a lot quicker.


So I wonder if you guys had planned to introduce that feature and if not what are the counter arguments ?


Thanks a lot,

Cyril Diagne
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Re: middle click emulation for trackpads ?

06-25-2012 01:38 PM in reply to: kikko_fr

Multi-touch gestures for track pads are on our list. Would this be a reasonable solution?


-Kevin Schneider

Kevin Schneider

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Re: middle click emulation for trackpads ?

06-25-2012 02:10 PM in reply to: schneik

Hi Kevin,


Thank you for your reply!

Multitouch trackpad gestures would definitely be a nice thing to have in Fusion.


However I'm wondering if it can match the versality of alt+click based middle click emulation.

With the assumption that gestures would be implemented that way (the most common way I've encountered so far) :

  • doube finger swipe for X Y pan
  • 2 fingers pinch to move the camera forward/backward
  • 2 fingers rotate to orbit around the Y axis

=> I would still miss an alternative option to orbit the camera arount the X / Z axis.


And on a strictly personnal level, the adoption of multitouch is very recent and I've much less precision pinching or rotating 2 fingers than draging one click around. I think I'm not the only one but that might deserve a quick poll.


Thanks again for your insights,

Cyril Diagne
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