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Mac vs. Windows for Inventor Fusion?

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03-25-2013 12:12 PM

Does the Mac & Win versions of Inventor Fusion have the same tools and features?


Hello... I am new to Inventor Fusion and I have been going through some Tutroials that were made by Autodesk for inventor Fusion 2013 on youtube. I have noticed that when watching some of the tutorials that were made in the windows version that some of the tools don't exist in the Mac version. 


For example: When assembeling 2 componets there is no way to do this in the Mac version. In the tutorial it says to choose assemble then constraints. In Fusion for mac there are no options for this. I had to make a hinge to get 2 components to assemble. Is this the only way in the Mac version?


Also I was wondering how to duplicate a component. I have 1 component that I need to use 4 times in my project but can't copy & paste nor do I see an option to duplicate. 


Any assistance would be greatly appriciated... Thank you... :smileyhappy:

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Re: Mac vs. Windows for Inventor Fusion?

04-09-2013 09:31 AM in reply to: j_morgan76

The videos are made with an older version of Inventor Fusion that was for Windows only. Some of the workflows will be very similar, but there may be tools that don't exist yet in the Inventor Fusion for Mac version.


For assembly: Use the Joint command.


To copy a component:

  1. Go to component in browser, right click on it, use Copy
  2. Go to top node in browser, right click on it, use Paste

At this point you have pasted a second component right on top of the original

  • Right click on the new component copy in the browser, and use Move command

Have you seen Fusion 360 yet?

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