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How do I scale a single element in a pattern sequence?

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09-03-2013 05:23 PM

I'm trying to create a pattern (both circular and rectengular) of objects and then scale each one of the objects in the pattern using a different scale factor. Whatever I do however, the scale Solid -> Scale command insists on scaling all the objects in the pattern.

I thought of spliting up the objects into stand alone object and then scale each one of them manually but I can't figure out how to do that. Dissolving the pattern doesn't seem to work (creates mutliple occurances but they are still a single object). Manually using Solid -> Split on each one of the elements (as annoying as it would have been to do had it worked) failes to do anything as well.


What would be the method of achieving what I want? (a ring of linearly scalled copies of an object).




To try and illustrate what I want using ascii art, consider the setup


      1    2

   5           3



where I want to scale each one of the objects by its index as the size multiplier

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Re: How do I scale a single element in a pattern sequence?

09-10-2013 04:53 PM in reply to: laughingrice

Hi. Good question, thanks for asking.


Try these steps:

  1. Starting with your base solid
  2. Right click the top node in the browser >New component
  3. Drag the base solid into the new component. Fusion will offer to move it now.
  4. Okay without moving the solid.
  5. Start the circular pattern tool
  6. Select the new component in the browser, not in the model canvas
  7. Complete the pattern.
  8. Right click on each new node and pick Make Independent.

Now you have copied components that will scale independently.


If you need more help please reply. Otherwise please mark as Solved if your question is answered.



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