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Hey Look What I Made in Inventor Fusion

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05-10-2012 06:53 AM

Is this place just for tech problems or also a gallery?  If there's a separate gallery somewhere, I apologize.  


But... here's my spaceship I made for a book cover I am illustrating.


I made the lines by making a lot of very long skinny RECTANGLES, and then EXTRUDING (under SOLID, set to CUT) through the ship.  This let me cut it into approx. 3300 bodies, so I could individually MOVE, CHAMFER or FILLET them - to create angles that will catch the artificial lighting.)  


To create the main guns, I built cylinders by extruding concentric circles.  And then, selecting each individual cylinder, I EXTRUDED (again, under SOLID, set to CUT) rings from another set of concentric circles.  Elsewhere, I created more rectangles, rotated them with MOVE, and then extruded them through other cylinders.


The final product will probably be just a screen cap from Inventor Fusion that I will work up in Photoshop to create the final book cover.  We tried importing it into Maya to see how many polygons it is, but it took overnight to export.  It's probably, like, I dunno, ten billion polygons.

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Re: Hey Look What I Made in Inventor Fusion

05-20-2012 04:21 PM in reply to: frankwu

Nice! post a picture to our facbook page too.

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