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Fusion Puzzler... Deleting a feature in the history?

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08-09-2009 01:31 PM
A blend of direct modeling and history based modeling sounds promising. So let’s try something. I’ve attached a simple model to illustrate.
1) Extrude a rectangle with a tapered angle.
2) Put a fillet on one of the angled edges
3) Fillet the edges around the top face of the part.

Now let’s try some fusion. I can do some direct editing, pulling faces, and changing fillet radii. Cool.

Let’s try some history based modeling. Oops, I didn’t want the fillet on the one angled edge. (It’s fillet 2 in the example file) Let’s delete it in the history tree as IV would. Oh, oh. Can’t delete it. Can’t bring it to a radius of 0 either. Of course with a simple model I could start deleting features backwards, but on a more complicated model the fillet might be many features back.


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Re: Fusion Puzzler... Deleting a feature in the history?

08-09-2009 03:57 PM in reply to: beekley

Glad to hear that you're trying cases like this in Fusion.

This is really an issue with the Fusion browser, specifically for Fillet2. There are really 2 faces that should be part of Fillet2. If you select both, you can delete them from the model. See attached picture.


Jeff Strater (Fusion development team)
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Re: Fusion Puzzler... Deleting a feature in the history?

08-10-2009 06:10 PM in reply to: beekley
Yes Jeff, this works to remove fillet 2
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