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Fusion on Mac OS X corrupted files, including backups

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04-07-2014 07:14 AM

I  have found that Inventor currputs files on Mac OS X.


I have been working on a design for some time, and I have kept many backup copies.

I can be working on a design with many bodies, and save it to various different file names as backups.

When I'm working on the file every seems OK, all bodies are present, and can be selected and edited etc, and then I exit fusion and restart and some bodies no longer appear, although they are still in the browser tree. Any attempt to click on them in the browser tree just causes Fusion to hang. Even if I go back in time through my backups those bodies are missing and cause Fusion to hang - which means they were corrupted some time ago, but it didn't become apparent until fusion was closed and re-opened, which means all my backup copies with all of a whole days work are also corrupted.



Attached is an example. Open the file and then try to show the 'finchbeams' components. Fusion will just hang. 

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Re: Fusion on Mac OS X corrupted files, including backups

08-30-2014 03:44 AM in reply to: kennymillar

It is difficult situation when the Mac file gets corrupted or damaged. you can use Mac utility to repair Mac files in normal issue but in major Mac corruption or you are unable to use Mac backup or the backup of files also corrupted then youmust have to restore Mac files. For this you can use third party Mac data recovery option. This will help you to solve Mac problem and errors regarding that.

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Re: Fusion on Mac OS X corrupted files, including backups

10-17-2014 05:11 AM in reply to: kennymillar

Apple's Mac also giving option as a alternative like iCloud - Online, Time Machine, Time capsule, CDs and DVDs and Burning Disk option.


you can find in detailed step over here: Best Alternate Mac OS X back up ways: Mac


Thanks to apple,:smileyhappy:

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