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First thoughts about Fusion TP 4

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11-24-2010 01:46 PM

Well, most time in the past I've been thinking about Fusion as "con"-fusing. Perhaps TP4 will change my mind.


Looking into the future, I don't think, that Fusion can be a separate program forever. Good functionality should be integrated into main Inventor, the other features (better in Inventor, Alias, AutoCAD or elsewhere) should go down the river.


- In the past, I didn't like the dark overall look. Meanwhile there's room for a personal look with more brightness. Design is fun, no dark magic.

- I don't like the dark menu background as well. Give us ability for brightness. Printers are placing dark letters on white background. Why should we act opposite on our screens? Even if the CATIA guys and others are acting that way, it should be discussed.

- Browser entries take too much space. There's no need for a border around every entry. That's disturbing (for me), same as the cluttered marking menu entries. Straight lines with some splits are the way to go.

- Browser seems to be fixed at the left. Perhaps it's my lack of knowledge

- I can select several browser entries together. But I couldn't switch all of them invisible with a single click, at first attempt. Now I've found the way, even old donkeys are learning some new tricks. 

Enough for now. I'll look deeper, it's not at all without interest ;-)








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Re: First thoughts about Fusion TP 4

12-05-2010 12:17 AM in reply to: wh

And the icons are still difficult to look at.  They should be swapped out for the Inventor ergo icons (not the fluffy blue ones). 


A large impediment still missing in Fusion is the lack of sketch constraints.  Without them  it is virtually impossible to add a tangent constraint to make a slot a slot. 


It is still very sluggish when using with a space ball.


And, in my case, I can only get about 5 minutes with it before it locks up or crashes.  At the moment, crashes are going into the MS VS 2008 debugger and not being sent to Autodesk as CERs.  I am not ready to blame the instability on Autodesk quite yet, it feels like a conflict with my computer but it would be nice to get the debug info to Autodesk.

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