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First Impressions

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07-23-2009 04:49 PM
Fantastic, Fantastic. I love the context menue type UI, no more reaching for the menu....absolute joy. Sketch workflow amazingly fast with heads up direct input, but could be improved further when drawing line's if cartesian coordinates (x,y or x,z etc) of the curser shown as direct input for every line/iteration rather than just the line length and angle(Trigonometry in my head is slow). Or at least switch between either mode.

Marking Menu very smooth and useful. Combined with Browser and colured "Auras" defining state (selected or not) of surfaces makes for "speed drawing", classy uncluttered enviroment.No bugs yet

The "move" function is amazinggly useful and powerful, move anything anywhere in 3D, no hassle.No bugs yet

At last the constraint issue has been resolved for the sake of speed and creativity (I never really got the constraint thing in previous versions). If needed (we all need them sometimes), this functionality can still be applied for motion etc. Building geomerty can be done fast and easily using Locked sketches and work planes/points. No bugs yet.

What has happend to the loft function, this was a highlight of previous versions?

Synchonous Technology slow!!!!!!!!

Why Back to dwg file format? I suspect marketing strategy to entice all those AutoCad users, hopefully no loss in functional depth. I guess you (Autodesk) can write any needed functionality into any file type.

Bug...."Save As" not working? ........saves an empty dwg file ??

Bug.....At least one major Random Crash? .......send error report.

Cheers from Australia

Q6600, 4GiG Ram, Vista Business 32 (This OS is tops). AutoCad 2000 (still). Inventor 2008 at work.

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