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does Fusion really work?

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07-13-2011 08:15 PM

Fusion looks like great solution specially to do changes on
parts imported from other systems yet i could never make it work for me. first
with Inv 2011 i thought it is just not fully developed software so.. but it i can't
use it with Inv 2012 or alone too. usually freezes computer or crushes. Yes, it
works with very simple files revolved, extruded, holes - like demonstration
files - but did anyone try to make it work on more complicated ones? would like
to hear from someone successful.

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Re: does Fusion really work?

07-14-2011 12:01 PM in reply to: 2grumpy

I am sorry to hear you are having stability problems and would like to better understand what you are experiencing in.  Do you have 2012 SP2?  If not you can install SP2 from:



Also when you crash are you sending in the Crash Error Reports (CER) ?  If so, can you send me an email ( with your email address so that I can find your CER's and see if I can help you.


Thank you,

Kris Berg

Autodesk, Inc

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Re: does Fusion really work?

07-26-2011 05:45 AM in reply to: 2grumpy

FUSION is the most frustrating part of Inventor 12. I have not been able to get it to work EVER on ANYTHING.


 The only workaround I have found which incidentally is faster than the 2-3 minutes wait for FUSION to start is to exit Inventor 12 and start Inventor 2010 and make modifications in 2010, go back to 2012.


I echo the post below I do not believe engineers can make it work with complex parts.

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Re: does Fusion really work?

08-02-2011 12:23 AM in reply to: markpape1312



Thank you for the feedback. Could you please share with us about what exactly you try to do using Inventor Fusion and the problems you encounter? That would be very helpful for us to improve Fusion in the future.


Thank you,


Wendy Chen
Fusion 360 Team
Autodesk, Inc.
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Re: does Fusion really work?

08-02-2011 04:11 AM in reply to: Wendy.Chen_Autodesk


Thanks for the response. I was trying to shrink the attached accumulator length on its longest axis by 250mm to save it as a part for which the model is  not available from the supplier yet. No amount of picking points could get me a stretch in the correct direction since the cylinder has rounded ends. Fusion would baloon up the rounded ends or distort the part.

In Inventor 2010 I could create a plane and shrink the part perpendicular to the plane. I cannot figure out how to pick a plane in Fusion.

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Re: does Fusion really work?

08-02-2011 12:14 PM in reply to: 2grumpy

Sorry to hear about the difficulties you encountered in using Fusion to modify imported parts. We would take note of this model as we plan future enhancements.


If I understand you correctly you want to reduce the length of the cylindrical portion of the "accumulator". I am curious about how you used Inventor 2010 to "shrink" this part. Did you use the non-uniform scaling addin delivered by Inventor SDK?


I found a workaround to reduce the length of the cylindrical part.

1. Create a workplane normal to the cylidrical axis, and use it to split the solid body. The split piece is moved to a child component.

2. Move the split part body in a direction away from its cylindrical end, by 250 mm.

3. Select the "open" circular face of the split part and reduce the cylindrical length by using Press/Pull (250 mm)

4. Use Combine to make a single body from the two bodies.

Udaya Gunasena
Fusion Development
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