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Dimensions of a surface object in Fusion 2013

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06-23-2013 03:31 AM

Hi All,

Should the dimensioning of a surface object work in the same as for a solid object? (Fusion 2013 SP1 - should be the latest?)

The padlock and input box work as expected for solid object.  i.e.  The padlock appears to allow locking and unlocking.  Values can be entered in the input box.. However, for solids, neither the padlock or the input box appear to allow dimension editing.

For example,

a) new file, draw a rectangle, press/pupll as a solid, add dim constraint one edge, hit CR to close dim command.  Double click on dim to open input box and edit.  Hover over dim to display padlock.  Click locked/unlocked.  All as expected.

b) new file, draw a rectangle, press/ull edge to create 4 surfaces, add dim constraint to one edge, hit CR to close dim command.  Double click on dim - nothing happens.  No input edit box?  Hover over dim.  No padlock?

Please could somebody advise? 

i) Is this normal - if so, how do you edit the dimension of a surface?

or ii) Is it a ardware graphic card / driver related problem?

or iii) Is it a bug?

Win7, HP Compaq nx9420 - admittedly getting on a bit but still quite serviceable.




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