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CNC shops having issues with my .DWG

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02-06-2013 08:26 PM

Hey there folks,


So I  created a part that I want produced by a cnc mill and long story short, that every mill I send the file to they cannot open it.


I tried sending them the 2013 .dwg and that didnt work so I sent the 2010 .dwg filetype and that is not working too. I attached the .dwg so you can see if I made some sort of mistake.


Please help! =D

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Re: CNC shops having issues with my .DWG

02-06-2013 10:43 PM in reply to: BradKereliuk

Please tell us the version of fusion and your OS info.

And what product that CNC shop used to open you DWG?


Sally Yang
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Re: CNC shops having issues with my .DWG

02-08-2013 01:41 AM in reply to: SallyYang

I am using windows 7 and Inventor fusion 2013, and the shop is using the programs solid edge, mastercam and gibbscam.

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Re: CNC shops having issues with my .DWG

02-08-2013 06:19 AM in reply to: BradKereliuk

I don't know if this has a bearing on the problem - but if I open in AutoCAD and run the List command it reports the geometry as Block Reference.

If I explode once then it lists 3D Solids which is what I suspect those programs are expecting.

Can you save in another format like STEP or IGES?
Do you have access to AutoCAD to explode the Block Reference?

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Re: CNC shops having issues with my .DWG

02-10-2013 08:20 PM in reply to: BradKereliuk

Try sending them STEP files. Other DWG translators might not be up to date or have ropblems reading 3D data in the DWG.


Kevin Schneider

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