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A little bit weird

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08-07-2009 02:07 AM
After extruding or revolving a sketch to form a solid, the origin switch in the browser is automatically deactivated... this can be anoying if you have just switched it on although it does switch on in context with some tools.

Also, why does the sketch plane reorientat diferently to the first sketch after this shape is extruded?. this can be very annoying if you want to put a series of odd shaped holes in a face that reorientates incorectly after each extrusion (cut).
Watch this1.4mb video:

Cheers Edited by: Mattaxe on Aug 7, 2009 9:21 AM
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Re: A little bit weird

08-07-2009 04:12 AM in reply to: Mattaxe
Thanks for bringing these items to our attention. A couple of follow-up questions, just for clarification:

1. in the first issue, have you switched on the origin visibility yourself, or has Fusion done it for you. The logic is supposed to be:
- if Fusion made the origin visible automatically, when you extrude, it restores the origin to its original state (invisible). However, if you manually click on the visibility icon to make the origin visible, Fusion should not make the origin invisible after extrude

2. I agree that this behavior is odd. We will investigate this further.


Jeff Strater (Fusion development team)
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Re: A little bit weird

08-10-2009 05:59 PM in reply to: Mattaxe
Point 1.

The origin is almost always always deselected after extrusion. If the origin is turned on after the sketch has been drawn (ready for extrude), it seems to stay on after extrude. infact the app is rather unstable depending what order these steps are implemented and weather context menues or tool bars are used. If origin is turned on before drawing tool is selected, it is turned off after section. If you pay me I'll try every option methodically...hehe.

Point 2.

The most Ideal behavior for this problem would be for the plane to orientate as it origionally was when draw tool was selected. Further, the "look at" tool (view tab), should work something like this.

1.Select "look at" button.
2. Right click (context) the face or plane and select a "front" or "back" icon that allows for a direct input of angle (or just a few useful angles , say 90, 180, 45 degrees) of the view.
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