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Please Help Cannot shell

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11-30-2012 09:47 AM

I have been working on this part for a good amount of time and I just keep running into problems. One problem i am facing is no matter what I do I can not get a feature (this feature is blue in the "end" file and the surface that it comes from is blue in the "start" file) to extrude as a solid to the inside surface of the shell mock up (the shell mock up is the red feature). I can extrude it as a surface then thicken (this part is blue) but after I circular pattern the feature I cannot shell the combined group of features ( the features that need to be shelled are every color except red and the face that needs to be removed is yellow). The next problem is I need to delete the shell mock up, red part, but when I do that I am going to loose the extrude to surface feature and I don't know how to keep it. I have included two files the one labeled "end" is what I need the part to look like in the end (except the fact that it is not shelled to .2 in) which includes the the thickened surface in blue, the circular patter,green, and a magenta feature. The file named "start" is the where i started at and is included so it may be easier for you to help me. Any help on this is greatly appreciated and will help me not go insane. 


If you want to know what the part is, it is a impeller pump shell for a submarine


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Re: Please Help Cannot shell

12-03-2012 11:39 AM in reply to: pyro472

Hi pyro,


You may find more answers in the Autodesk Inventor forum.

-Chris Rogers
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