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08-14-2012 06:02 AM



I'm looking for a good example on how to use this command (:IvPartExtrudeFeature). I would like to cut a rectangular hole (opening) on a sheet metal part. I created and adopted both the sheet metal and the opening part. I have a sketch (visible & exported). Sheet metal part is resides in an Assy.


Using ETO 2012 Version 5.1 Build: 322




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Re: IvPartExtrudeFeature

08-15-2012 11:51 AM in reply to: ludesroc

Never mind, I figure it out (thanks to Andrew :smileywink:)


1) Created a sketch Part (sketch visible and exported). 

2) Named the sketch = sketch_Opening

3) Adopted the sketch part.

4) Added these child rules inside the part to cut.



Design FloorLiner : M0122_TestZonesAdoptedComponents FloorLinerAdopt


'Sketch Part
Child FloorOpeningSketch As :FloorOpeningSketch, Quantity = length(openingSizes)
visible? = False
OpeningX = nth(1, nth(child.index, openingSizes))
OpeningY = nth(2, nth(child.index, openingSizes))
YOffsetFromOrigin = nth(2, nth(child.index, openingLocations)) - tubingWidth - gapAroundFloorLiner
XOffsetFromOrigin = nth(1, nth(child.index, openingLocations)) - tubingWidth - gapAroundFloorLiner
End Child


'Extrude Feature

Child LinerOpeningFeature As :IvPartExtrudeFeature, Quantity = length(FloorOpeningSketch)
distance = 10
operation = :Cut
extentDirection = :smileyfrustrated:ymmetric
sketchPart = nth(child.index, FloorOpeningSketch)
sketchName = "sketch_Opening"
face = "XY Plane"
origin = "Center Point"
xAxis = "X Axis"
reverseSketchNormal? = False
reverseXdirection? = False
End Child

End Design




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Re: IvPartExtrudeFeature

08-16-2012 01:24 PM in reply to: ludesroc

Hi Luc,


If you're working with sheet metal parts, look at IvSMPartPunchFeature instead of ivPartExtrudeFeature. It's simpler to use and is beffer for situations where you have multiple feautres, as you simply supply a list of points and faces. No need for sketches.


There is a sample in the ETO Samples project. 

Chris Palmatier
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Inventor Engineer-to-Order

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Re: IvPartExtrudeFeature

08-17-2012 05:46 AM in reply to: ludesroc

Thanks Chris for the advise!


I had lots of trouble make it work. I found that iLogic rules and IvPartExtrudeFeature don't collaborate very well when mixed together. I logged a case (Case 07545190 - IvPartExtrudeFeature vs iLogic rules). If i remove all iLogic rules from the part then everything works fine! I wonder if IvSMPartPunchFeature has the same behavior?




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Re: IvPartExtrudeFeature

11-08-2013 12:32 PM in reply to: ludesroc



is it still a problem happening on you? it may happen on me soon.



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