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Tool or function to clean-up/remove orphaned member part files.  For example I have a project with about 3000 part files. I know I'm using only a fraction of these parts in the current design. These orphaned parts slow down other processes such as the up-load and down-load of the project to and from the server. Also, creates a burden to the server backup, while having little or no benefit once the design has been complete. I cannot just delete all of the member files and rebuild the model because any drawings that were already started or completed will be compromised.  

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I'd like to hear from other users about how this would apply to your situation.
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The lightweight model could have a few components removed/suppressed or swapped out for less detailed components. Some out of the box controls with the ability to further customize using rules.

Status: Comments Requested
I'd like to hear from other users about how you would like this to work, and how it should interact with LOD representations and other Inventor capabilities.
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