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It would be very useful to have a #Region directive in the Intent language as there is in .net.


For those unfamiliar:


Basically regions allow you to expand/collapse sections of code.  This makes organization much easier.


#Region "Child Rules"
    Child testCenters As :IvSphere, Quantity = Length(testParts)
        origin =  GetTestPartPoint(child.index)
        ignorePosition? = False
        Radius = 5
        color = "Green"
    End Child #End Region

#Region "Methods"
    Method GetTestPartPoint(mIndex As Integer) As Point
        Dim xyz As List = nth(mIndex, testParts).CenterOfMass
        Return Point(first(xyz), second(xyz), third(xyz))
    End Method
#End Region
Status: Accepted
Good idea.
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Search in Properties Grid

Status: Accepted
by Mentor on ‎10-24-2012 08:57 AM

It would be useful to be able to search the properties grid.  I think it should be quick enough to just search as you type.  Also it would be good to have previous and next arrows to scroll through the results.


Status: Accepted
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Property Grid Favorites

Status: Accepted
by Mentor ‎10-18-2012 02:15 PM - edited ‎10-18-2012 02:17 PM

I would like to see a "favorites" option in the property grid.  This would allow us to check the star next to the rule name and mark it as a favorite.  Then we would have a third sorting option to sort by favorites.  I suppose the favorite sorting option could apply to both the categorized sorting and A-Z sorting.




Status: Accepted
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There should be a different (set of) parameter(s) for IvBalloon that "simply" allows the balloon to be connected to the nearest drawing-curve.  Currently, the user must name an edge and that edge must resolve to a drawiing curve in the view -- difficult to get this right.  For IvBalloon, the easiest solution is just to allow a value of :Nearest for the "entity1" parameter.

Status: Accepted
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Sort by values in the Properties grid

Status: Accepted
by Contributor GeorgeWilliams ‎10-25-2012 11:29 AM - edited ‎10-25-2012 11:31 AM

Sorting by the values in the properties grid will give us the ability to more easily find rules based on the expected values.  This is especially helpful when working on datasets by others who have not properly documented the rules in a way that it is easy to find the rules in question.  In the case below, I know that the tank is 72 inches tall from my measurement of the Inventor model.  If I could sort by the Values then I would be able to very quickly find that the associated rule is very likely TankHeight.  My understanding is that the grid below is a DevExpress grid and column sorting is a property setting.  That simple and quick change would be quite helpful for debugging.


Status: Accepted
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Drawing annotation - ordinate dimension

Status: Accepted
by Active Contributor alundr on ‎11-02-2012 02:15 PM

We commonly use ordinate dimensions on our sheet metal flat patterns on our drawing documents.  ETO does not currently support this.

Status: Accepted
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Inventor ETO Project Editor

Status: Accepted
by Distinguished Contributor ludesroc on ‎10-18-2012 04:35 PM

Have an improve Project Editor. Let say DesignC is included in DesignB. If you include DesignB in DesignA then Design C is automatically included. Today I would need to inlude both DesignB and DesignC in DesginA. Maybe an option like (keep design hierarchy).

Status: Accepted
Got it. Thanks. "Good idea"
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