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Editing items in a list

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11-30-2012 08:21 AM

Hi All,


I am tyring to edit a mulitilevel/multiDimensional list but I am getting a compile error.

What I am trying to do is;

   1. to generate a list of parameters for listed children

   2. edit the created list based on a few conditional checks


Now the list is created and is working fine, but when I want to edit an item in the list; I am getting the comlie error.


Here's what my rule looks like:



Rule lstPreStdPanels As List


    Dim panelCounter As Integer


    'loop to create the panel parameters list

    For panelCounter = 1 To intNoStdPanels


        lstPreStdPanels = lstPreStdPanels + {{ _

        ":smileysurprised:rigin", Point(panelCounter * StdPanelLength,0,0), _

        ":xDirection", Vector(0, -1, 0), _

        ":yDirection", Vector(-1, 0, 0), _

        ":smileytongue:anel_length" , StdPanelLength }}




    Dim openingCounter As Integer


    'Loop through the opening list to check if need changed length

     For openingCounter = 1 To length ( lstOpeningList )


        If nth (5, nth( openingCounter , lstOpeningList ) ) = "T" Then


            For panelCounter = 1 To intNoStdPanels


                'Determine the target panels

                If GetX(Second(nth(panelCounter,lstPreStdPanels)) >50 Then

                   'nth(8, nth( panelCounter, lstPreStdPanels ) ) = 5


                End If


            Next' panel counter


        EndIf' If opening List = T


    Next' openings counter


End Rule



I am getting the error on the commented line.


I could try to place the conditional checks as the list is generated, but I have more that one conditions which are themself in a loop (in contrast to this sample code).


All help is appreciated.


Thanking you,




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Re: Editing items in a list

11-30-2012 10:56 AM in reply to: WHassan


Editing an element of a list is not possible in the intent language as you have shown.  I have worked around this before by creating a replaceItem function which takes a list, an element index, and a newValue and essentially splits the originally list at the index, excluding the item to replace and builds a new list inserting the newValue between the start and end pieces of the two parts of the list.


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Re: Editing items in a list

11-30-2012 11:41 AM in reply to: FarrenYoung

Could you please post/attach the function/snippet.


Trying to accomplish what I had asked has exhausted: I am out ideas.
A fresh perspective would be a re-boot.


Thanking you,







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Re: Editing items in a list

12-12-2012 08:40 AM in reply to: WHassan

Here is a method that I wrote which replaces an item in a list by index.


Method ReplaceItemInList(inputList As List, indexOfItemToReplace As Integer, newValue As Any) As List
     Dim lowerList As List = {}
     Dim upperList As List = {}

     If indexOfItemToReplace > 1 Then
          lowerList = subList(inputList, 1, indexOfItemToReplace -1)
     End If

     If indexOfItemToReplace < length(inputList) Then
          upperList = subList(inputList, indexOfItemToReplace + 1, length(inputList))
     End If

     Return lowerlist + {newValue} + upperList
End Method


-Chris Rogers
Inventor Certified Professional
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