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by Mentor on ‎01-18-2013 10:37 AM

As it stands, the ETO documentation has improved greatly from a year ago.  What's lacking is documentation describing when to use specific features.  I suggest to make a best practices knowledgebase which answers questions for anyone looking to start a new project.


Some example answers might include:

  • Benefits of Server vs series. Is there any reason to use server if everything will be used internally?
  • What is the best way to build a large ETO project when considering performance?
  • When should we use intent code vs push a function into a dll?(again considering performance)
  • If we wanted all out parts to be stored in a database that ETO can just call, what would be the first steps to set up the database and ETO to make them work together?
  • Best practices for using ETO to generate a document. (The current example is too small scale.  Maybe have an example that generates a document that will insert items to a loop of bookmarks)

This may look like a lot of suggestions at once.  All I'm asking is for someone who has built a number of ETO projects to put a bunch of advice somewhere ETO developers can read it.  The more topics covered the better.  


I'd be happy to clarify since each of these are problems I've run into over the last year. I'd be happy to clarify or give a longer list if anyone wants.

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