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creating a section view

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11-13-2012 01:27 PM

Does anyone have a sample set of a section view and the sketch line or sketch points that are also needed?  

My code keeps erroring out in a number of places.

currently mine looks like this:


Rule sectionViewSketchPoints As List
Dim origin As Point
origin = parentViewName.workpointLocation(parentViewName.model,"Center Point")

Dim scale As Number = 1/parentViewName.viewScale

Dim pt1 As Point
pt1 = origin + parentViewName.unitY * parentViewName.height * 1.1 * scale

Dim pt2 As Point
pt2 = origin - parentViewName.unitY * parentViewName.height * 0.15 * scale

Return {pt1, pt2}
End Rule


Child rightSectionView As :BlockOffDWGRightSectionView
parentView = parentViewName
origin = Point(11,6,0)
viewScale = viewScale
SketchPoints = sectionViewSketchPoints
FullDepth? = False
SectionDepth = .25
showViewLabel? = False
displayTangentEdges = True
Reverse? = False
End Child

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Re: creating a section view

01-30-2013 08:10 AM in reply to: alundr

Hi There,,


Sorry for being late. I am not sure if you have resovled the issue by now. In your code you need to transform the section view sketch points pt1 and pt2 from drawing view to sheet space using iv_viewToSheet method.


Modify your return call as shown below.


Return { iv_viewToSheet(parentViewName,pt1), iv_viewToSheet(parentViewName,pt2)}


Hope this helps!



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