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Crash for Large Model

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02-13-2013 08:39 AM

Just FYI.   I have a very large cooling tower - 7000+ Inventor parts - ~30,000 Intent parts.   I'm trying to debug a drawing error.   It runs fine to create the model in about 2 hours.   Then I add the drawing and get the error.  It is kind-of a normal error I think... nothing special.   3 times now, however, I've gotten to that state and then started to debug the error and at a point when I was seemingly doing nothing - looking at the code or the tree - out of the blue Inventor crashed.   It has happened on at least 2 different computers.  


I know you can't do much to help at this point. 


Maybe I should set it up so you can run the code locally.  That would be some work, but might be worth it for other reasons too.

- Scott

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Re: Crash for Large Model

02-14-2013 06:28 AM in reply to: ScottHeide

Hello Scott,

Have you submitted any CER reports for these crashes?  Could you reply to me with the e-mail address you used so I can find them in the system?

Tom Rang
Software Quality Assurance Manager
DLS – Design, Lifecycle, & Simulation
Autodesk, Inc.

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