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Call a dll with the CFunc function

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09-27-2012 01:39 AM



After trying to use the ByRef method and found that it is not fully implemented in Intent actually, I had a look at the CFunc function to call a dll with the code.

This dll created in works fine, but it seems that the CFunc function is not recognized by Intent ( "CFunc : No such function" ).

The Dll has been put in the bin directory of Intent and is found.


Here is my Intent code created as a function :


Function Get_Inertia() As List
 Return CFunc("Inertia", "InertiaDll")
End Function


> InertiaDll is the name of the called Dll

> Inertia is the name of the Public Function in the Dll


Has someone ever used this CFunc function and could help me with it please ?


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Re: Call a dll with the CFunc function

09-27-2012 09:16 AM in reply to: AmbCo

You don't need the "return".  Even though "CFunc" looks like a regular function, it is a special thing.


Be sure to come to the "ETO Potlatch" on October 11, where we will discuss these issues.

Jon Balgley
Autodesk Configurator 360 / Inventor ETO team
Autodesk, Inc.
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