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SketchBlock Position

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08-29-2012 10:35 AM

I have a sketchblock in a sketch that I need to postion into the correct quadrant. I have dimensions on the sketchblock that are told to be driven while running the quadrant position task shown below. see image. Sketchblock is currently in quadrant 1 and I need to be able to push that into the 3rd, thus the (-200,-200).


ThisApplication.ActiveDocument.ComponentDefinition.Sketches(1).SketchBlocks.Item(1).Postion.X = -200

ThisApplication.ActiveDocument.ComponentDefinition.Sketches(1).SketchBlocks.Item(1).Postion.Y = -200


After it is in the correct quadrant I power the dimensions to constraint the sketchblock into correct position.


The question is, how do I position the sketchblock in the correct quadrant via 'position'?


Not working.

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Re: SketchBlock Position

09-02-2012 11:23 PM in reply to: tomjames3d

This method works in your case:

Sub MoveBlock()

  Dim oDoc As PartDocument
  Set oDoc = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument

  Dim oDef As PartComponentDefinition
  Set oDef = oDoc.ComponentDefinition
  Dim oSketch As Sketch
  Set oSketch = oDef.Sketches.Item(1)
  Dim oBlock As SketchBlock
  Set oBlock = oSketch.SketchBlocks.Item(1)
  Dim oP As Point2d
  Set oP = oBlock.Position
  oP.x = oP.x + 1
  oP.y = oP.y + 1
  oBlock.Position = oP

End Sub


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