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OnFileSaveAsDialog event won't fire

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11-30-2012 04:15 AM

Hi there,


In my addin I use the FileUIEvents.OnFileSaveAsDialog event. In Inventor 2011 this worked fine, but now in 2013 this event doesn't fire anymore.


I've declared the variable:

Public WithEvents oFileUIEvents As FileUIEvents

 And in the activate sub I have this code:

oFileUIEvents = m_inventorApplication.FileUIEvents

 I've tried to delete the event and recreate it, it now looks like this:

        Private Sub oFileUIEvents_OnFileSaveAsDialog(ByRef FileTypes() As String, SaveCopyAs As Boolean, ParentHWND As Integer, ByRef FileName As String, Context As Inventor.NameValueMap, ByRef HandlingCode As Inventor.HandlingCodeEnum) Handles oFileUIEvents.OnFileSaveAsDialog


        End Sub

 But it just doesn't work. Is there something changed in the behavior of this event after Inventor 2011? Are there more people having problems with this? I'm kinda stuck here so any help would be appreciated.





I just created a new addin with the wizard and put the same code in there. Strangely it does work now, anyone an idea what can prevent the event from firing in my existing addin?

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Re: OnFileSaveAsDialog event won't fire

11-30-2012 05:16 AM in reply to: djreesing
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