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Modify ThreadInfo using the API

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04-27-2011 10:19 AM

Would anyone have examples of how to modify ThreadInfo using the api.


Currently trying to use the code below to create a new ThreadInfo Object and assign it to the feature... but whenever the oClass is "" (zero length string)  the the CreateStandardThreadInfo fails.




oThreadFeatures.Item(ThreadName).ThreadInfo = NewThreadInfo(oInternal, oRightHanded, oThreadType, oThreadDesignation, oClass)



Public Function NewThreadInfo(ByVal oInternal As Boolean, ByVal oRightHanded As Boolean, ByVal oThreadType As String, ByVal oThreadDesignation As String, ByVal oClass As String) As




NewThreadInfo = oThreadFeatures.CreateStandardThreadInfo(oInternal, oRightHanded, oThreadType, oThreadDesignation, oClass)


Catch ex As











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Re: Modify ThreadInfo using the API

04-27-2011 08:31 PM in reply to: guilloryt

Below is a VBA code sample from API document:


Sub EditThread()

   Dim oDoc As PartDocument
   Set oDoc = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument

   Dim oDef As PartComponentDefinition
   Set oDef = oDoc.ComponentDefinition

   ' Create a new thread info object containing the thread data
   Dim oNewThreadInfo As StandardThreadInfo
   Set oNewThreadInfo = oDef.Features.ThreadFeatures.CreateStandardThreadInfo(False, True, "ISO Metric Profile", "M20x2.5", "6g")

   ' Get the first thread feature
   Dim oThread As ThreadFeature
   Set oThread = oDef.Features.ThreadFeatures.Item(1)

   ' Edit the thread feature
   oThread.ThreadInfo = oNewThreadInfo

End Sub



The Class argument is required, and below is the description for it:


Class : Input String that defines the thread class. For example a valid class for an inch internal thread is 2B. A valid class for a metric external thread is 6g.

Hope this helps.

Rocky Zhang
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