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looking for macro to batch creating drawings and export dxf files

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05-28-2014 12:36 PM

Hi, All,


I am looking for a macro program to do the following.


1. create an drawing for a part using specified template. The program will read a list of part names. do one drawing at a time. The parts are all sheet metal parts

2. create view for the created drawing, select flat pattern view

3.  'Save copy as' an dxf file to specified destination.


If you could share the code or point me to the right source, it would very appreciated.


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Re: looking for macro to batch creating drawings and export dxf files

06-01-2014 01:32 PM in reply to: daledai



my new tool called MegaSheets will be out next month. this allows you to select and create drawings of each part in an assembly at views that you have selected. There is also an option to select the view type (shaded, wireframe etc), scale, add view name (front elevation etc). You can also choose whethere to create one file will all sheets or all separate sheets. option to choose between dwg & idw is there too.


Added recently is the optino to select a template and from that, choose which titleblock & border to use


Keep checking here and the app store. it will be £99 and with it comes a few other nifty tools too :smileyhappy:







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Re: looking for macro to batch creating drawings and export dxf files

06-09-2014 10:39 AM in reply to: nmjshaw150

Creating a drawing from a custom template, inserting drawing views, accessing parameters, all this is pretty basic workflow with the API.


If you are a complete newbie, I suggest you take a look at My First Inventor plug-in:


Also we placed on github a complete set of classes, presentations and .Net samples breaked down into specific modules, take a look at the Drawing and Drawing Advanced modules, you should be able to find what you are looking for to get started:


Exporting a flat pattern to dxf is also a common task, you can find easily samples on our blogs, here is one for instance:




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