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Import AutoCAD 3DFACES to Solid

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05-08-2012 01:49 PM

Hi all,

Here is my goal, Import AutoCAD 3DFACES to Solid

1) The Import routine is ok.

2) Then I would like to convert my 6 faces into a solid body

     In Inventor GUI "Repair/Stich" works fine, but API doesn't seem to expose a Stich method...


The best I obtain is Creating a "NonParametricBaseFeature",


But then the KnitFeature best response is "The method as failed". It works fine in the GUI.


I'm on Win7 x64 VBA (Then I will convert it to a lovely DotNet AddIn)

Here is my code:


Sub CreateNonParametricFeature(oDef As ComponentDefinition, oSrfBodies As SurfaceBodies)

    ' Create a non-parametric base feature based on the transient body.
    Dim oTransBRep As TransientBRep
    Set oTransBRep = oInvApp.TransientBRep

    Dim oFeatureDef As NonParametricBaseFeatureDefinition
    Set oFeatureDef = oDef.Features.NonParametricBaseFeatures.CreateDefinition

    Dim oCollection As ObjectCollection
    Set oCollection = oInvApp.TransientObjects.CreateObjectCollection
    oCollection.Add oSrfBodies.Item(1)

    oFeatureDef.BRepEntities = oCollection
    oFeatureDef.OutputType = kCompositeOutputType

    Dim oBaseFeature As NonParametricBaseFeature
    Set oBaseFeature = oDef.Features.NonParametricBaseFeatures.AddByDefinition(oFeatureDef)
    'Knitting the NonParametricBaseFeature
    Dim oFacesCollection As ObjectCollection
    Set oFacesCollection = oInvApp.TransientObjects.CreateObjectCollection
    Dim I As Integer
    For I = 1 To oBaseFeature.SurfaceBodies.Count
        Call oFacesCollection.Add(oBaseFeature.SurfaceBodies.Item(I))
    Next I
    Dim oKnitFeature As KnitFeature
    Set oKnitFeature = oDef.Features.KnitFeatures.Add(oFacesCollection)
End Sub


The Knit sample help code works, but not mine :smileyfrustrated: Is there a bug somewhere in my code?





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Re: Import AutoCAD 3DFACES to Solid

05-09-2012 04:46 PM in reply to: Mitch_31

I've verified that this is a problem.  I've raised the priority of the change request, but can't say when a solution might be available.


Brian Ekins
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Re: Import AutoCAD 3DFACES to Solid

05-23-2012 01:37 AM in reply to: ekinsb

Hi Brian,

Will you tell us in this thread when a solution will be available, or do we need to check for SPs content?



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