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How to replace reference to .bmp-file from .ipt-file?

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04-28-2010 01:42 AM

I run code from an Inventor addin (implementing Inventor.ApplicationAddInServer in C#). I use Inventor 2010.

My question is about programatically replacing references.

Suppose I have an assembly "keyboard.iam" that references a part "key.ipt"), and that I want to rename "key.ipt" to "001.ipt". Then I can iterate the assembly with Inventor._Document.ReferencedDocumentDescriptors, and call DocumentDescriptor.ReferencedFileDescriptor.ReplaceFile("001.ipt") and it works fine.

But how can I replace a reference to a bitmap file?

Suppose for instance that I have a "key.ipt" with a reference to "pattern.bmp", and I want to rename "pattern.bmp" -> "002.bmp".

If I iterate doc.ReferencedDocumentDescriptors I don't see the bitmap. But if I iterate doc.ReferencedOLEFileDescriptors I can see the reference to the bitmap. So iterating works fine.

But now I would like to rename the bitmap. I don't find a ReplaceFile that I can access via the ReferencedOLEFileDescriptors.

How can I accomplish renaming of a referenced bitmap?

Kind Regards,
*Sanjay Ramaswamy \(Autodesk\)
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Re: How to replace reference to .bmp-file from .ipt-file?

04-28-2010 11:46 AM in reply to: mattiash
Here's how to do that...

Sub ReplaceOLEReference()

Dim oDoc As Document
Set oDoc = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument

' Get the first ole reference
Dim oRefFile As ReferencedOLEFileDescriptor
Set oRefFile = oDoc.ReferencedOLEFileDescriptors.Item(1)

' Get the corresponding FileDescriptor
Dim oFileDescriptor As FileDescriptor
Set oFileDescriptor =

' Replace reference
oFileDescriptor.ReplaceReference "C:\temp\newimage.bmp"

End Sub

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Re: How to replace reference to .bmp-file from .ipt-file?

05-04-2010 04:44 AM in reply to: mattiash
Hello Sanjay, thanks a lot!
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