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How to intercept a click event on a custom ribbon tab?

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01-10-2013 12:13 PM

I have a have a custom ribbon tab on the Assembly and ZeroDoc ribbons, those have pannels and buttons.

The custom buttons have OnExecute event that can have custom actions addded.


But how can we intercept the event when user is clicking on the custom tab to show custom pannels?

Is there a OnExecute or a similar event for the RiboonTab?

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Re: How to intercept a click event on a custom ribbon tab?

01-14-2013 12:56 AM in reply to: LiamSmith2

Hi There,


There is no specific event directly exposed in the Inventor API when a specific tab is activated, however you can use the underlying API to get access to that notification.


You would need to reference the AdWindows.dll in order to use that code.


Here is a C# sample that will display a notification when the "Tools" tab of the ZerocDoc Ribbon gets activated:


public override void Activate(
    ApplicationAddInSite addInSiteObject,
    bool firstTime)
    base.Activate(addInSiteObject, firstTime);

    Autodesk.Windows.ComponentManager.ItemInitialized += 
        new EventHandler<RibbonItemEventArgs>(

void ComponentManager_ItemInitialized(object sender, RibbonItemEventArgs e)
    //now one Ribbon item is initialized, but the Ribbon control
    //may not be available yet, so check before
    if (Autodesk.Windows.ComponentManager.Ribbon != null)
        foreach (Autodesk.Windows.RibbonTab Tab in Autodesk.Windows.ComponentManager.Ribbon.Tabs)
            if (Tab.Id == "id_TabTools")
                Tab.Activated += new EventHandler(Tab_Activated);

        //and remove the event handler
        Autodesk.Windows.ComponentManager.ItemInitialized -=
            new EventHandler<RibbonItemEventArgs>(ComponentManager_ItemInitialized);

void Tab_Activated(object sender, EventArgs e)
        "Tab " + ComponentManager.Ribbon.ActiveTab.Id + " Activated!");



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