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How to change Angle Constraint in Assembly?

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01-05-2013 02:59 AM

I got a problem with editing angle constraint in assemblies. I tried edit property of constraint but it didn't move model. Simply changing Angle attribute of constraint item don't work.


Only way I achieved movemenet is


         AngleConstraint a = (AngleConstraint)oOccurrence.Constraints[i];
         Object oEntity1 = a.EntityOne;
         Object oEntity2 = a.EntityTwo;
         String sVal = "" + angle + " deg";
         AngleConstraint d=oAsmCompDef.Constraints.AddAngleConstraint(oEntity1, oEntity2, sVal);
         d.Name = name;

but this is really slow, as much as changing throught parameter:

if (assemblyDoc.ComponentDefinition.Parameters[i].Name == "d655")
Inventor.Parameter invParam = assemblyDoc.ComponentDefinition.Parameters[i];
invParam.Value = Math.PI * angle/180;


Can someone help me with a quicker method?

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Re: How to change Angle Constraint in Assembly?

01-13-2013 08:25 PM in reply to: Articles



to drive assembly constraint, you need to use the methods of DriveConstraintSettings. Please refer to this post:

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