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How to add part/Assembly from Vault Library in to any assembly

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01-09-2013 01:13 AM

Hi, I have a library file in the vault folder. I need use this library files to create new assembly file. How can i use inventor API similar to add occurrences to any assembly file.?. I am using Vault Project and saving the new assembly to the local folder. There is no need to downloa\Checout Vault Library file to local drive.Just i need to use the vault library files for assembly. Later If I add this project to vault along with the assembly i have created, It should always have the reference with the vault libary files. Kindly assist us to resolve this. Regards, GAD

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Re: How to add part/Assembly from Vault Library in to any assembly

01-14-2013 11:17 PM in reply to: gadurai



you need to use both Inventor and Vault API:

- use Vault API (either DocumentService.DownloadFile or IExplorerUtil.DownloadFile) to download file from Vault to local workspace. IExplorerUtil is preferred way because it handles couple of things for developer (i.e. finding our correct file location, resolving file references, setting attributes for local file).

- use Inventor API to place library part into assembly (various ComponentOccurrence.Add.. methods).


When new assembly is added to Vault later then the library part will be automatically recognized by Vault and used for references.

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