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Export drw BOM (parts list) to excel

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04-27-2012 06:31 AM


I have a drawing with multible sheets (spool drawings) all with there owne parts list and I need to export them all to excel. This takes a long time when you have 100 sheets. So my question is how can I doo this, how should the code look like?


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Re: Export drw BOM (parts list) to excel

04-27-2012 08:06 AM in reply to: ges87

Try this code below as a start, you may need to create a loop for sheets.


'Export PartsList


path_and_name = ThisDoc.PathAndFileName(False) ' without extension


Dim oDoc As Inventor.DrawingDocument

oDoc = ThisDoc.Document


Dim oSheet As Inventor.Sheet

'oSheet = oDoc.Sheets(1) ' first sheet

oSheet = oDoc.Sheets("Sheet:1") ' sheet by name


'skip error in case no parts lists exist

On Error Resume Next

oPartslist1 = oSheet.PartsLists(1)

oPartslist2 = oSheet.PartsLists(2)


Dim oCol As Long

For oCol = 1 To oPartsList1.PartsListColumns.Count


'find the parts list that contains the LibRef column

If oPartslist1.PartsListColumns.Item(oCol).Title  = "LibRef" Then

' export the Partslist to Excel.

oPartslist1.Export(path_and_name & ".xls",PartsListFileFormatEnum.kMicrosoftExcel)


oPartslist2.Export(path_and_name & ".xls",PartsListFileFormatEnum.kMicrosoftExcel)

End If


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Re: Export drw BOM (parts list) to excel

05-01-2012 11:13 PM in reply to: achmidt

hi. thanks for the respons. But i cant get this to work. It does not create the file. I have tried many different codes but they never manage to create the excel file.

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