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Dimension Selection

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09-27-2012 01:34 PM

How would I go about writing this macro? For the BOM in a drawing, one of the fields is the finish size of each part. I want this to be a parametric value and adjust if the model is modified. This would not be for standard parts, only for fabricated items, so the material type would be limited to four units of input: Type (recangular or round, rectangular being blank and round storing the alt0216 Ø), Height, Width, and Length. Each of these would be stored in an iProperty, say DimensionType, DimensionHeight, DimensionWidth, and DimensionLength. Then, each parameter would be exported for variable use in the final dimension storage iProperty called Dimensions (or use vba to write in the Dimension iProperty). I would like to be able have a form pop up with a dropdown box for type, and three text boxes for each of the sizes. Then, click on the dimension that I would like to use which would return the parameter name for that dimension and put it in the text box which will store it in the appropriate iProperty.


Thanks for the help!

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Re: Dimension Selection

10-12-2012 05:02 AM in reply to: mccormick8863


Can export parameter solve your problem?  This property makes parameter be exposed as an iProperty with the same name. Link is associative.  :smileyhappy:

In Inventor 2013  you may easily create iLogic form to change parameters values (multi-value too).


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