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customizing material library i.e. finally get rid of welded aluminum-6061

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10-10-2012 06:05 AM


i am trying to set up my own custom material library, and everything's fine so far, except, when I convert an assembly to a weldment, several materials keep showing up in the corresponding menus, that i consider having swept out carefully, such as "welded aluminum-6061" or "Welded Brass, Soft Yellow".

Where the hell does inventor pull these rabbits out of the hat? they're neither part of my materials.xml, nor do they exist any more in any of my templates such as standard.iam or weldment.iam or weldment(iso).iam. i can't find any source on my harddisc, where these are still present. It seems like they're hardcoded, what i really doubt.

I'd really appreciate, if anyone can tell me where else does Inventor hide these constantly reappearing styles, so that i can finally get rid of those, i never need, and add some own ones - in fact i would like the possibility to have some special materials for weldments, that don't populate my materials.xml.

Please do not suggest to always start weldments from scratch using a template instead of converting a standard-assembly, or any other workarounds. i am good at finding workarounds myself, but i'd rather not, and solve the riddle instead.


thanks in advance




PS. I'm still using Inv2010 on Vista64 as i stick to the rule "never touch a running system"

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Re: customizing material library i.e. finally get rid of welded aluminum-6061

10-26-2012 09:13 AM in reply to: Rutschmirdenbuckelrunter



I understand your frustration.  Unfortunately, I do not have an answer to your problem.  Although you are still using Inv2010, I am using Inv2013 and also have a similar/related problem with legacy materials.  That is, since Autodesk restructured the Material & Color Style functions when they moved to the new Material & Appearance interface in the 2013 release.


I am also trying to eliminate the "Welded Aluminum-6061" legacy material from the Inventor 2013 "As Shipped" standard Weldment.iam template file.  (See attachments for detail)  I am wondering why Inventor 2013 will not Purge this from the template file or allow this legacy material to be Deleted from the Material Browser window, Document Materials pane.  I attempted to determine if there is some internal association within the template file that prevents its elimination.  I was unsuccessful or I am missing something.


Yet I also discovered that I can open a New copy of the 'Standard.iam' template, convert it to a weldment file and resave it as the 'Weldment.iam' template file.


What I would like Autodesk to answer is whether this process of converting the 'Standard.iam' template to a weldment and saving as 'Weldment.iam' is equivalent in every functional way to continued use of the original "As Shipped" 'Weldment.iam' template file?


Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Re: customizing material library i.e. finally get rid of welded aluminum-6061

11-11-2012 11:14 PM in reply to: yeakelme



If I am correct, this sounds like rather a question of product. If yes, may I suggest you post it to the product board? probably some peers there would give an answer which help you implement your customization.

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