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Base Model Properties on Other Sheets

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12-27-2012 02:36 PM

I know there is a way with iLogic/VB to do this but I'm not exactly sure how. Basically, I'd like to put the part number from the base view (view 1) of SHEET 1 into my title block. Easy enough with one sheet, but I want subsequent sheets to reference back to the part number from VIEW 1 on SHEET 1, regardless of what sheet it is on.


Any ideas?

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Re: Base Model Properties on Other Sheets

01-14-2013 05:33 AM in reply to: drguitarum2005

Happy New Year!


Which exact part of the Title Block on the sheet are you trying to set? The "DWG NO"?

That is based on the "Part Number" property of the drawing. So if you just update the drawing's Part Number to the Part Number of the part which is used in the base view of the first sheet then you should be set.


If it's a different part if the title block, then you could perhaps create a custom property for the drawing, modify the title blocks you want to use to reference that custom property where you want to show the part number of the part used by the base view of the first sheet, and then just update that custom drawing property to the part number of the part referenced by the base view of the first sheet.


I hope this helps.




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